Criminal & Civil Litigation Support:

Our Criminal & Civil Litigation Support Consultants are familiar with the law and legal proceedings. Our team consists of retired law enforcement personnel and paralegal professionals with extensive training and expertise in document review and legal support services.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Evidence Discovery
  • Expert Witness Selected and Advice
  • Investigating Cases
  • Verifying and documenting evidence
  • Evidence Custodianship
  • Fact Finding

  • Cyber:

    Our team of professionals have a broad range of skills in collecting and analyzing digital data that is required for depositions, investigations and testimony given at trial or any other proceedings.

    Insurance Risk

    Pre-employment Background Checks & Screening – Local & International

    An important part of any hiring process should be employment pre-screening, which provides the Company with a glimpse into the applicant’s background and verifies information submitted by the potential employee. the dames group Investigators utilizes a comprehensive screening method to provide our clients with a profile summary of the applicant. Our expertise and international resources allow our screening specialists to research your request locally an internationally.

    Vendor Screening

    Our Firm’s goal is to assist our clients with making the best Vendor decisions to protect their financial security, safety and reputation. the dames group has an in-depth due diligence program developed to assist your company to qualify and monitor potential and existing vendors and contractors. The program can help you make well-informed and confident decisions when selecting prospective partners and maintaining existing partnerships by ensuring they meet certain minimum corporate standards. By carefully vetting each vendor/contractor, we can assist you in minimizing the potential for future risk and legal liability.


    Surveillance provides us with the ability to monitor property, behavior and activity and is primarily used for intelligence gathering, crime prevention and immediate response. the dames group surveillance team is comprised of industry professionals from various backgrounds and specialized units.

    Occupational Fraud & Abuse

    Fraud is not industry-specific, and no particular industry is more susceptible to fraud than another.

    At the dames group, our trained Fraud Investigators will assist you with all instances of occupational fraud and abuse which can be classified into one of three major categories:

  • Asset Misappropriations: “any scheme that involves the theft or misuse of an organization’s assets”.
  • Corruption: “any scheme in which a person uses his or her influence in a business transaction to obtain an unauthorized benefit contrary to that person’s duty to his or her employer”; and
  • Fraudulent Financial Reporting: “falsification of an organization’s financial statements to make it appear more or less profitable.”

  • the dames group team of experienced Investigators will handle your organization’s internal matters swiftly and discreetly. We are prepared to investigate fraud and criminal activity especially when involving potential insurance claims. Our team is prepared to conduct risk analysis to identify possible areas of vulnerability whether physical or technological and develop a plan to mitigate the risk. We will conduct employee interviews, surveillance details and will work closely with management to develop a recovery strategy.

    Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Services

    With the growing threats of intellectual property theft, the dames group, along with its global network of resources will assist our clients with the protection of brands, patents, trademarks and/or products. Our team of experts fully understand that perpetrators of such crimes have become more sophisticated technologically savvy therefore we remain prepared to assist you with protecting your ideas and creative expressions.
    Our Brand Protection & Intellectual Property Services include:

  • Vendor License Qualifications
  • Counterfeiting & Piracy
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Cyber Surveillance
  • Litigation Support

  • Counter Measures Support

    No matter the location, the dames group will investigate the presence of electronic "bugs" for a variety of reasons and occasions, including:

  • Corporate events in public places
  • Corporate executive board meetings
  • New location prior to company’s move-in
  • Residential
  • Personal property i.e. cars, boats